A summation of Illusions and partial truths.

DISCLAIMER: Contains material of a sensitive and totally non-metal nature.

Hey! You know what I've learned? Nobody else is going to put me out there unless I pay them, and even that is a gamble. My eyes have been pried open, if just enough to see anything at all, and sometimes the eyes see what the dream won't. The music business is not a fairy tale, it's "a cruel and shallow money trench, a long plastic hallway where thieves and pimps run free, and good men die like dogs..." (Hunter S. Thompson). Not to discount the wonderful people who share my posts and music but, in the broader sense, unless something defies all odds and goes viral, I am still a very small fish in a vast ocean of countless other hungry, often cannibalistic, fish.

And, in these modern times, at least in preferred waters, fish don't just search for food, they seek attention. Most of us first world citizens are our own celebrities, sharing an endless stream of content about ourselves, our lives, our families etc. and we are not typically as concerned with anyone who has not been marketed to us enough, in a mathematical fashion, to peak our interest.

But, despite the cynical nature in which my brain was conditioned, I have somehow always maintained a romanticized optimistic heart. I am an artist in that way I guess, and I believe that my day will come. I feel it. And I want to extend gratitude to all of those who have helped, encouraged, and supported me in a variety of ways in my wayward journey. I have been blessed, although I do not always see it, and in an interesting way the cosmic comedy of it all often becomes the appeal of the artist and art itself. So rather than ask for likes and shares (at least in this particular post) I will simply say THANK YOU to family, friends, and fans for every compliment, dollar, motivation and inspiration over the years. If I never breathe another breath at least I can die knowing I had the comforts of your charity many do not, and also the hope that I reciprocated with music and entertainment that positively impacted others.

I LOVE YOU ALL. And I'm excited to share new music with as many or few who care to listen.

Now back to that long plastic hallway...

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